Getting access to the new Charity Portal

How you access the ACNC Charity Portal has changed since we launched our new website in mid-October 2018.

This is a new system, so the old way of logging in no longer works.

Previously, each charity had one set of login details (the charity’s ABN and password) that could be shared by numerous people.

In the new portal, each individual has their own log in details.

Watch the short video or follow the steps below to see how to create your own login for the Portal.

Click 'Forgot your password'

From the Charity Portal log-in page, click on the 'Forgot your password' link (highlighted in the image below).

Even though you haven't actually forgotten your password, this is the way you can create a new one so you can access the Portal.

Forgot Password link on the Charity Portal landing page

Enter your email address, click 'Send verification code'

Once you've clicked on 'Forgot your password', you will be asked to type in an email address as a first step towards creating a new Portal password.

The email address you type in should be one which you can easily access. It must also be an email address we have on our records, such as the Address For Service email address.

Once you have typed in the email address, click on the 'Send verification code' button (highlighted in the image below).

Send Verification Code

Once you click 'Send verification code', a six-digit numerical code will be sent to your chosen email address.

Enter the code and verify it

The code will arrive in an email to your chosen email address, with the email being titled 'ACNC account email verification code' and the sender being 'Microsoft on behalf of ACNC'.

Enter the code into the 'Verification code' field on the screen and then click on the 'Verify code' button (highlighted in the image below) before clicking on 'Continue'.

Verify your code

Create your new password and click 'Continue'

Once your code is verified, you can create your new password and click 'Continue'. Just note that the password needs to be at least 10 characters and include lower and upper case, a number and a symbol (for example, the '$' symbol or the '&' symbol).

Sign in to the Portal

Use your email address and the password you just created to sign in to the Charity Portal. The email address and the password you created will be your log-in details for the Portal.

If you need further assistance, feel free to give us a call on 13 22 62 - we're happy to help.