Organisational chart

Organisational chart

Our teams

The ACNC has eight directorates, each of which plays a vital role in our ability to achieve the objects of the ACNC Act. The directorates’ functions are summarised below.

Advice Services

Advice Services is the first point of contact with the ACNC for charities and members of the public. The team responds to written and phone enquiries, concerns from charities and the public and processes the thousands of forms that we receive. The team also undertakes projects to enhance the integrity of the Charity Register.

Corporate Services

The ACNC’s corporate planning, internal reporting, human resources and financial management is managed by the Corporate Services team. They also help look after our staff.

Reporting and Red Tape Reduction

Our Reporting and Red Tape Reduction team oversees the design and data integrity of the ACNC’s Annual Information Statements and administers various reporting obligations set out in the ACNC Act and ACNC Regulation.

The team leads the development and implementation of the ACNC’s Charity Passport ‘report once, use often’ reporting framework. This involves working with other government agencies to reduce red tape for charities and align regulatory obligations.


Our Compliance team works across the whole of government to address risks that pose a threat to trust and confidence in the charity sector. The team uses data analytics and intelligence to identify trends and emerging risks in the sector and investigate allegations of non‑compliance by charities.

The Compliance team takes proportionate action (including using enforcement powers) to ensure charities address non‑compliance and protect themselves from abuse or mismanagement. In many instances this includes providing regulatory advice, compliance agreements, or formal arrangements. When investigations find that a charity has been involved in serious or deliberate non‑compliance, the charity’s registration with the ACNC may be revoked. The team also helps to improve charity compliance with Annual Information Statement submissions through a warning and penalty regime.

Education and Public Affairs

Our Education and Public Affairs team delivers guidance, education and resources for charities to help meet their obligations under the ACNC Act. The team is also responsible for promoting the role of the ACNC and the importance of donating safely to legitimate and reputable charities to the public.

The team manages our publications and maintains our online presence through and our social media accounts, as well as managing government relations, media relations and ACNC internal communications.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology team manages IT projects and initiatives from procurement through to delivery and maintenance. The team also manages system configuration and provides ACNC data to support operations and help inform strategic decisions. IT also provide technical delivery and management of data exchange activities with other government agencies.

Additionally, the IT team provide user support for our staff, maintenance activities and incident management for ACNC systems, with support from various managed service providers and suppliers. IT security functions are managed with support from the Australian Taxation Office.

Legal and Policy

Our Legal and Policy team provide advice to the Commissioner and our staff on the interpretation and implementation of the ACNC Act and the Charities Act, and on statutory obligations and reporting requirements arising under other Commonwealth legislation. The team performs environmental scanning to ensure we are aware of and can respond to relevant external developments, and prepares submissions to parliamentary and other inquiries.

The Legal and Policy team also manages our obligations under the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Cth) and Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), as well as litigation under the ACNC Act.


Our Registration team is responsible for assessing charity registration applications, and adding information about newly registered charities to the Charity Register. The team also assess and process requests from charities to have information withheld from the Charity Register, to have new charity subtypes added to their registration, or to have their charity registration revoked.

The Registration team helps to streamline the Commonwealth charity tax concession process by collecting and passing on information required by the Australian Taxation Office on behalf of charities.