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The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission is the national regulator of charities. We register and regulate Australia’s 57,038 charities.

  • We help charities understand and meet their obligations through information, advice and guidance.
  • We help the public understand the work of the not-for-profit sector and provide a free searchable database of charities.

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WA10.18% SA7.33% NT1.36% QLD16.03% NSW34.49% VIC25.84% ACT2.33% TAS2.44% 57,038 REGISTERED CHARITIES

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Commissioner's Column
In this edition, the Hon Dr Gary Johns discusses meeting and engaging with the sector, the upcoming Governance Institute's Not-for-profits Forums, October's International Charity Fraud Awareness Week and more.
19 September 2019

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Newly registered charities

The ACNC registers hundreds of new charities every month.

These charities will provide a range of invaluable services including child and youth services, environmental protection, education and more.

We publish a list of new charities each month.

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